Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I have noticed I seem to only post when a semester of school is out. Sad. I'm not even in school (well I did take a few classes online, but nothing major.) But another semester has ended! Happy day! I forgot what it was like to have a husband around!

We have actually gotten to do quite a lot since hes been done with school. We went to his grandparents cabin in Forest Lakes (near Payson, AZ) for a few days! It was great to have time with Chris to myself! I didn't even have to share him with the computer. A miracle, I think YES!!!!!

Us at the Cabin!

Making some S'mores in the cabin. 
due to fire restrictions we couldn't
have a camp fire outside :(
But I had to have my s'mores, so we made it work!

This is at Tonto Natural Bridge, super close to Payson
in the background there are like 13 javelina!

Me and the Javelina

We went to see our families and to see my little brother graduate! (that same little brother is moving in with us for the summer in like...2 days! Can't wait!)

We got our half-way-through the-pregnancy ultra sound and found out we are having.......A little BOY!!!!! We are pretty excited about that....I was really excited until I went to the store, and noticed that the girl's clothes are WAY cuter, and more fun than the boys. I think that made Chris even more excited that I won't spend as much money! (Jokes on him though, I have still been able to find way fun things!)
Our cute little man!

FINALLY get a snap shot of HIM....he wouldn't show his parts to us
for a LONG time. I was getting worried!

Chris started a new internship with Intel! We are SUPER excited about this. He comes home super happy everyday after work. He told me that he went into their lab and wanted to cry...the good cry of course! He then tried looking up pictures of it to show me. Of course he couldn't find any that did it justice, but oh well! And this internship should make us enough money that he won't really "have" to work until next summer!

I am still working (kind of) for the Gentry family nannying. The mom just had a baby so she is on maternity leave, and I don't get used as much. But I am grateful for that so I could have time off when Chris did! And I will work until a little before our little guy gets here!

Exciting things with the baby. I can now feel the little one squirming around inside of me. Chris can't feel him yet. Although he tries really hard to. Hopefully in a few weeks Chris will get to experience how cool that is too!

Since Chris is working we don't have any huge plans for the summer. I think I am going to Mexico with my family and if Chris can get off he'll come too! I told Chris that even if he can't do things, I still want to! But I am hoping he can get off and come and play with us! I think he would like it!

Well that is about all I have to add! Happy Summer Everyone!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I love this time of year!!!! The semester is coming to a close!!! Yippee!!! I am So ready for Chris to be out of school! He deserves a break, he has been working so hard! Once this semester is done, Andrew will move back home before his mission (Santiago Chile West Mission) He leaves on January 12!!! I love the anticipation of Christmas and New Years! I love the weather change...and I love Thanksgiving!

This year Thanksgiving was a little different than normal! We went to UT with my family and we were able to send Thanksgiving with my mom's sister, brother, (Their families as well.) And her parents. We don't get to see that side of the family very often, so it was SUPER nice to have time with them.

We rented a house in Draper, UT and wed were all able to stay together. We got to go to a crater and go swimming/scuba diving. The water was around 90 degrees and came from a hot spring. (OK I just watched, and then played ping pong. Silly me didn't bring swim suites to UT when there is snow outside...) We went to Temple square and looked at Christmas lights, and went back and toured the Beehive House. And we just spent time with family. It was great!

Pictures will come soon as I have some!

House is done!

Our house is done...well almost. We still have all the tedious little things left to finish, but hey, its a home now and every room is functioning!

Kitchen Before

Kitchen Phase II

 Kitchen Phase III

 Kitchen Done!


Bathroom Done

Thailand Trip

Wow,  I have been bad at this here is an update on our fabulous trip to Thailand. (Although we have been home for... 4 months already...sad!)

It was so great! We were in Thailand for about 1 month. We were able to go ALL over the country (minus the beach area...maybe one day.) We went to Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, KumphawapiYasothorn, Roi-Et, and back to Bangkok. We were able to go to all 
of Chris' areas and meet a ton of the members Chris worked with!

Chiang Mai
we went to the Chiang Mai zoo, and we saw the panda exhibit! 
I Love Pandas, so it was great! It was the baby panda's 1st Birthday
So a news crew was there and interviewed me and Chris!

Riding Elephants in Chiang Mai. I was terrified. This elephant was starving
and kept trying to go off cliffs to get food. I thought I was a goner for sure!

This was my favorite memory of the trip (besides the people.)
We went on bamboo rafts, and it got intense in parts! It started pouring
on our journey and we all got wet! 

We went hiking to waterfalls I think this one there were about
17 falls on this hike.

There were a lot of temples and wats in Thailand. This was at
the base of one. Great views from the top!

we got to hang out with some pretty sweet tigers! 
They had to be younger than 2 years old before they were 
"too dangerous" this one was 22 months old!

We got to meet Sis. Water. A sister that Chris worked with in Yasothorn! LOVED her!

Meeting Sis. Taay. A lady Chris baptized!

Trains. I have missed riding in Trains!

Andrew and Bryan rode ostriches. I just watched, Very funny!

Clock at the center of Chiang Rai. 
It would change colors and play music at certain times too!
The White Wat. Pretty cool temple all white!
A giant snake we got to hold. The really big one was in Hollywood 
making a movie.

The long neck tribes. We got to walk through their village, take pictures
with them and even buy stuff if we wanted. Pretty neat.

Our driver took us on an amazing drive through the mountains.
we stopped at a tea plantation for a good view!

Elder Anatachai's house (one of the Chris' Companions

Elder Anatachai

A memeber washed Nadine's and my hair for free. It was amazing!

Chris and Andrew making us dinner with the help of anatachai! It was amazing

A member at the branch in Roi-Et. She gave us some cool skirts!

Sis. Water made us dinner at the church in Yasorthorn. 
Probably some of the best food I have ever had!

Sis. Water and a rich kid from Yashorthorn. They hooked us up
with a place to stay!

Sis. Water with us. We tried to go into Loas, but sadly the American
Visa price was way TOO much! So we crossed the boarder, and just came back.

Bangkok II
This is a GIANT laying down Buddha. Kinda cool.

The floating market. It was a cool to go on a little boat down the river
and be able to buy things too!


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Feeding the Prophet

So we spent a little over a week in Central. We went down to go through the Gila Valley Temple, graduation, The Cultural Celebration, and the dedication! I am so glad we were able to be home for all of those things.

My mom is the Pima Stake Relief Society President and she was asked to feed the Prophet, his daughter, his son-in-law, President Eyring, Elder Holland, Elder Walker, and Elder Costa. I was able to help make the food for them. She also was asked to sever everyone mentioned above, minus the Prophet and his family. Since I helped prepare the food my mom thought it would be a great idea if I was there to help feed these great men, and their wives. So I did!!!! As we were in another room preparing the food, they all come to thank us for the time we spent to prepare the food. We got to visit with each of them for awhile. Then they went in the room where they would be fed. They invited us in. My mom got to tell them about the food prepared, etc. Then Elder Walker had President Eyring call on someone to give the prayer. He called on Elder Costa. After that they all stood and visited for awhile and I was putting a few more things on their table. President Eyring and Elder Holland were standing and talking and President Eyring asked me my name. So I told him. We visited for awhile. After that every time I went in the room Elder Holland, or President Eyring would thank my by name, or ask me something...always saying my name first. It was an amazing experience to be in such close proximities to these great man!

I am so grateful that I was able to help serve this men, and I am grateful for them and making it such a great experience for me! They are definitely kind, and loving servants of God, and I think they are better in person than on the TV!!!

Thailand, here we come!!!!

Well we are FINALLY on our way to Thailand. Of course it took much debate whether we would still go after all the riots going on. But the army came and shut the red shirts down, and now there is more order in Thailand. Chris has talked to several members and they say it is A-OK to come that way.

I am really so excited to see Chris' mission. We are going to hit all his areas, meet members, and go to a few of his favorite branches. We were going to go to China for a week, but due to the cost of plane tickets and visas, we decided it wasn't worth it. So we have three weeks to see all of Thailand! It should be amazing!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Home again Home again Jiggity Jig!

Chris and I get to go home on Saturday! We are really excited about seeing our friends and family. Its been about a month since we've been home, which is kinda weird. I really thought I would be a come home every weekend kind of girl. But being in our own home, and in our own ward helps us stay at the Mesa home. But we are still really excited.

We got our tickets to go see the temple on May 15 so we are coming in time for that. But we decided it would just be more fun and easier to stay in Central until after graduation, so we are staying for about a week! It should be a great week and I really can't wait!

After that week we'll come and pack and get ready for Thailand...YEEEHAWWWW!

Also...Chris is about done with school!!!! He is taking his last final as we speak! I am really excited for him to be done, and so is he. Hes worked SO hard this semester. Keeping up staright A's, while adjusting to life after a mission, getting engaged and married, buying and moving into a house that needs some work...I'm very proud of him. Tomorrow he will finish an application for a research program at ASU, and once hes done with that...he'll be done for the summer! I can't wait!